Science Week (28th June - 2nd July)

28th June 2021
The children had an amazing Science week.  Thank you to those parents who sent in pictures and information on the experiments they had carried out at home.
In Year 2 the children tested how well their bathing machines rolled on different types of surfaces.  They also worked out how to light a bulb using wires, battery packs etc. They also made containers to carry water across the playground.
In Year 1, the children used the grounds to learn about mini-beasts and their habitats and the different types of trees.  They also observed the different parts of a plant and how they grow.
The Reception children carried out the following experiments:-

In a pot, we mixed 5ml of water with a special 'magic tablet' and put the lid on tightly. We put the pot on the table and stood back. We waited and waited until it went POP!

Feely bags:

We put our hands inside the bags and described what we could feel. We felt soft, hard, prickly and rough things.

Smelly pots:

We had to try and guess what the smells were in the pots. They were lemon, curry, strawberry and mint.

Bouncing raisins:

We chose a raisin and put it into some lemonade. We watched them carefully and after a while, they started to jiggle and move about! When the gas bubbles attached to the raisin, it went up and when the gas bubbles escaped, the raisin went down.

Racing teachers:

We explored how magnets work by racing teachers! We put the magnets in the back of the teacher's car and had to try and move them with a magnetic paddle. If the paddle was the right way, the magnets repelled and pushed against the car, making it move. It was tricky working out which way round to put the magnets!