Our Five Words

At Rose Green Infant School, we are constantly reflecting upon our provision and practice and looking at how we can make changes to further enhance the learning experiences of the children and improve their outcomes.


Over the last 18 months, all teaching staff have been working on developing a new curriculum.  We hope that this curriculum will excite and inspire your children.  Details of this can be found on our school website.  Underpinning the curriculum is a progression of skills in each area, which ensures there is smooth progression right from when they arrive at the start of Reception, to the end of Year 2, for all areas of learning. 


Linked to this new curriculum, we have thought a great deal about the characteristics of learning that we would like all the children in our school to understand and be trying to achieve, by the end of Year 2, as a good foundation for the next steps in their learning journey.  After much discussion, we agreed on the following five words:


Responsible        Resilient          Motivated      Independent      Creative


We have colour coded them for the visual learners among us and for each word, attached an animal, again to help us remember the name of the quality and what that looks like in the classroom.  This information is included on the presentation which can be found below, so you can hopefully talk with your children about the words at home.


We are rolling this initiative out slowly.  During Autumn 2021 the Key Stage 1 children were introduced to Independent Tiger and Creative Spider in assembly.  From January 2022, teachers will be looking for children demonstrating these qualities in their learning and highlighting it by awarding them an appropriate animal sticker, so they can come home and share this with you.  Over Spring and Summer 2022, we will introduce the last three qualities and characters to them.  After discussion, we felt this would not be relevant to start until Year 1 as the Reception children are still getting to grips with just coming to school and learning the routines.  They will however have some of the visual prompts in their classrooms, the same as Year 1 and 2, so it will be ‘under their noses’, making it more familiar when they move into Year 1 next September.


As of January 2022, we have replaced our previous strap line ‘Working Together, to Learn, Achieve and Have Fun!’ with our five words.  We will be referring to them all the time in school and there will be visual prompts everywhere to support this.  We very much hope this will help the children to begin to take ownership for their learning, now, through their future academic life and beyond!