Year 1 News

30th November 2022

Year 1 enjoyed a very wet November!!! We looked at how our tree had changed since September. On a non rainy day we also went on a lovely Autumn walk…... We loved playing in the leaves and listening to the sounds they made.

“The leaves are yellow and orange and brown in Autumn.” Aurora

“It’s getting colder, that’s why the leaves are changing colour” Florence

“The leaves are turning orange” Rigby

We made disgusting sandwiches and then some nice ones. This was inspired by the story ‘The disgusting Sandwich’ by Gareth Edwards. We had to write lists of ingredients and instructions for how to make our sandwich.

In literacy we have been looking at non fiction books about Autumn and Winter. We looked at the features of non fiction texts.

Maths . We have been adding and subtracting using lots of different equipment and number lines. It was fun exploring 3D and 2D shapes.