Curriculum Statement

Rose Green Infant School Curriculum Statement



Our aim is that every child in our school will access a curriculum that will inspire and motivate them to learn. This curriculum is rooted in the here and now but will prepare them for the world of tomorrow. 


Our curriculum, which was revised in 2023, is founded on five key concepts; qualities that run through everything we do in school, and which we hope we will instil in the children that pass through Rose Green Infant School.  These qualities are:


Resilience – We want our pupils to use mistakes and failures as learning opportunities, see feedback as an opportunity to improve and develop a ‘have a go’ attitude, where they don’t give up at the first hurdle.  We will support our children to know and celebrate their strengths, but also their areas for development, so they can confidently work on these.   


Responsibility – We will teach our children that they all have control over their own actions and decisions.  We will support them to understand how to take responsibility for caring for themselves, others and the environment.  Our children will be able to start taking responsibility for their learning.  They will think about actions and choices and the consequences.


Creativity – We want our children to be brave, resourceful, original, inventive and happy to explore and use their imagination. 


Motivation – It is our aim that we support our children to take ownership of their own learning so they are eager, enthusiastic, engaged and are happy to challenge and push themselves.  We also want them to be able to support and encourage others in all that they do.


Independence – It is our wish that our children will be able to think and act for themselves, make their own good choices and know what they can do if they get ‘stuck’ in their learning.  




We use a cross curricular approach, although some content is taught discretely when it is more appropriate to do so.  Our schemes of work are cyclical, meaning we regularly come back to key learning, to revisit, review, embed and then take on to the next stage of learning. 


Although not all of our teachers are specialists in subjects relevant to an infant curriculum, we draw on the experience and knowledge of those who do have relevant specialisms.  Further subject specialism is supported through CPD and working with other colleagues in our locality and beyond.


In our classrooms you will see our children all accessing the same content, with additional support for those who need it.  Our more able learners are supported to produce work of greater depth, rather than going on to new content. 


Our approach to teaching and learning supports our curriculum by ensuring that lessons build on prior learning and provide opportunities for guided and then independent learning.


Everything our children learn in school – the taught lessons, the approach to spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, the extra curricular activities and the ethos of the school – are all viewed as a part of our whole school curriculum offer. 



The majority of assessment undertaken in Rose Green Infant School is formative; our teachers use observation, high quality questioning and challenge to assess the impact of their teaching.  Formative assessment is about both current and previous learning, linked to our cyclical model of delivery, and is intended to support our children in becoming fluent learners.  We also use summative assessment at key points in the children’s learning journey, to support our teacher assessments.


We are very aware of the importance of literacy and oracy across all subject areas and so all lessons, whatever the subject focus, contains reading and writing challenge and the teaching of key vocabulary to enable children to understand and access their learning, both within the classroom and outside their lessons in the wider world.


It is our belief that by teaching our curriculum in a highly effective way and developing good learning habits early on, we can support our children to be the very best learners that they can be. 

If you wish to find out more about the curriculum our school is following, please see our progressions of knowledge, skills and understanding or contact the school office, so we can direct you to the most appropriate member of staff for your query.
In Key Stage 1 we follow the National Curriculum, which can be found by clicking here.
We follow the Statutory Framework for the Early Year Foundation Stage, which can be found by clicking here.