Meet the Staff

"Staff have created a happy, caring and supportive school. Staff morale is high and there is a strong culture of teamwork."

Ofsted - March 2018
 Senior Leadership Team
  • Mrs S Dreckmann


  • Mrs C Sugden

    Deputy Headteacher

  • Ms N Prosser

    Senior Teacher

Office Staff
  • Mrs D Jenner

    School Business Manager

  • Mrs S Porter

    School Secretary

  • Mrs A Vaughan

    Office Assistant

  • Mr T Formaggia

    Premises Officer

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Team
  • Mrs J Gwynn


  • Mrs A Bull

    SEND Teaching Assistant and ELSA

  • Mrs G Wright

    SEND Teaching Assistant,1:1 support

  • Mrs K Haynes

    SEND Teaching Assistant, 1:1 support

  • Miss C Walpole

    SEND Teaching Assistant, 1:1 support

  • Mrs H Morris

    SEND Teaching Assistant, 1:1 support

Forest School
  • Ms N Prosser

    Forest School Leader

  • Mrs K Smith

    Forest School Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs H Dawson-Pollitt

    Forest School Cover Teacher

  • Mrs H Dawson-Pollitt

    Reception Teacher, Bluebell, Mon - Wed

  • Mrs H McGahey

    Reception Teacher, Bluebell Class, Thur - Fri

  • Mrs C Parker

    Teaching Assistant, Bluebell Class

  • Miss H Beeney

    Reception Teacher, Poppy Class

  • Mrs L Legg

    Teaching Assistant, Poppy Class

  • Mrs A Bennett

    Reception Teacher, Sunflower Class

  • Miss V Waller

    Teaching Assistant, Sunflower Class

Year 1
  • Mrs C Parsons

    Year 1 Teacher, Hedgehog Class, Mon - Wed

  • Mrs C Lovell

    Year 1 Teacher, Hedgehog Class, Thur - Fri

  • Mrs S Hood

    Teaching Assistant, Hedgehog Class

  • Mrs R Tilling

    Year 1 Teacher, Butterfly Class

  • Miss K Berry

    Teaching Assistant, Butterfly Class

  • Ms N Prosser

    Year 1 Teacher, Ladybird Class

  • Mrs A Davis

    Teaching Assistant, Ladybird Class

Year 2
  • Miss E Court

    Year 2 Teacher, Willow Class

  • Mrs A Hawkins

    Teaching Assistant, Willow Class

  • Mrs C Sugden

    Year 2 Teacher, Oak Class, Mon-Tue

  • Mrs S Lloyd

    Year 2 Teacher, Oak Class, Wed- Fri

  • Mrs L Williams

    Teaching Assistant, Oak Class

  • Miss H Miles

    Year 2 Teacher, Sycamore Class

  • Mrs M Corbould

    Teaching Assistant, Sycamore Class, Mon-Thur

  • Mrs S Gent

    Teaching Assistant, Sycamore Class, Fri

PPA Teacher
  • Mrs H McGahey

    PPA teacher, Mon - Wed

Midday Meals Supervisors
  • Mrs T Clay

    Midday Meal Supervisor

  • Mrs T Gray

    Midday Meal Supervisor

  • Mrs J Anthony

    Midday Meal Supervisor

  • Miss L Barrett

    Midday Meal Supervisor

Non Class Based Teaching Assistants
  • Mrs E May

    Teaching Assistant responsible for delivering NELI