Year 1 News

29th September 2023

In Year 1 we had a special visit from some Aliens. They wrote us this letter:

Greetings from the Planet Troob!

Last night we came from our Planet Troob to visit Earth.  We couldn't see any of you, it was very dark!  On our planet we all look different, some of us have 5 legs and some have 3 eyes.  When we move we leave behind green slime.  Unfortunately we crashed and need a new rocket to get back home.

Can you design us a new rocket to get back to Planet Troob?  Please label the different parts so we know what we need to get and where to put it.

Please help us.

Beep!  Beep!  Over and out!


We made and labelled rockets so we could get them back to the Planet Troob!