School Improvement Plan

School Improvement
We have identified four key whole school targets for the period covering September 2020 to March 2022, informed by outcomes in 2019-20 and the outcome of our March 2018 OFSTED inspection, as well as broader priorities:

To secure further improvement in pupils’ attainment and progress in English and maths across the school, taking into account gaps in learning due to the Covid-19 pandemic, so that:

  • attainment continues to be in line with or above national percentages for expected and greater depth at the end of Key Stage 1
  • the downward trend of percentage meeting the Y1 phonics threshold is reversed, so it moves towards being in line with or above the national percentage
  • the percentage of Reception pupils achieving GLD continues to be above the national percentage and the percentage of pupils exceeding in reading, writing and maths (number) increases, so it is in line with or above national percentages

 To review and develop our curriculum in order that:

  • all pupils are consistently well challenged through a clear and sequenced progression of skills in every subject
  • every pupil including those with SEND will make consistent progress
  • teachers effectively and confidently present learning in all subject areas
  • effective assessment is in place so the impact of learning can be shown and teachers have a strong sense of accountability for the impact of their work
  • tracking systems are developed to record progress and attainment in foundation subjects
To continue to improve leadership at all levels across the school, in order that leaders have a good understanding of their role, are highly effective and have a clear and ambitious vision for the area they are leading.
To focus on further developing and improving mental health and wellbeing across the school.


In addition to the School Improvement Plan, each curriculum area has its own Action Plan.

The School Improvement Plan and the Action Plans are reviewed at the beginning of each term by the teaching staff and Senior Leadership Team. Progress against the School Improvement Plan is monitored by the Governing Body each term. All plans run across financial years in order that they tie in closely with the school budget. Completed plans are evaluated and new plans written every March, ready for the beginning of the Summer Term each year.