School Improvement Plan

School Improvement
We have identified five key whole school Areas for Improvement for the period covering September 2023 - July 2024:
  • To develop whole school maths provision in order that further improvement in attainment and progress is seen and at least:

    • 75% meet or exceed end of KS1 expectations in maths in June 2024
    • 12% achieve Greater Depth in maths at the end of KS1 in June 2024
    • 86% achieve the ELGs for number and numerical patterns in June 2024
  • Continue to improve reading, writing and phonics provision across the school in order that at least:

    • 75% meet or exceed end of KS1 expectations in reading in June 2024
    • 15% achieve Greater Depth in reading at the end of KS1 in June 2024
    • 70% meet or exceed end of KS1 expectations in writing in June 2024
    • 9% achieve Greater Depth in writing at the end of KS1 in June 2024
    • 85% of Year 1 pupils meet the phonics screening threshold in June 2024
    • 85% achieve the ELGs for word reading and comprehension in June 2024
    • 80% achieve the ELG for writing in June 2024
  • To further improve Early Years provision, including environment, curriculum and resourcing, in order that at least 80% achieve GLD in June 2024
  • Continue work to develop an inclusive and positive school environment, with a clear school identity, vision and ethos, and provision and learning environments that support all pupils to make progress, including disadvantaged and SEND pupils
  • Build on prior development work to strengthen leadership and accountability at all levels, in order that leaders have a good understanding of their role, they are highly effective in driving improvement and have a clear and ambitious vision for the area they lead


In addition to the School Improvement Plan, each curriculum area has its own Action Plan.

The School Improvement Plan and the Action Plans are reviewed each term by the teaching staff and Senior Leadership Team. Progress against the School Improvement Plan is monitored by the Governing Body each month. Completed plans are evaluated and new plans written every August - September, ready for the beginning of the new school year.