Religious Education

Religious Education Statement of Intent


At Rose Green Infant School, the aim of Religious Education is to help children discover and gain insight into some of the different religions practised in the world we live in. We want children to have an understanding of other beliefs and make connections with their own values. In today’s diverse society it is vital to teach children about the traditions, practices and values of others, so that they grow up with a positive attitude towards people who hold religious beliefs and values that may differ from their own. We encourage our pupils to ask questions and be inquisitive learners. We promote British values, ensuring that children have some understanding of their responsibilities in our community and develop their own sense of identity and belonging.

At Rose Green Infant School, we follow the West Sussex Agreed Syllabus for RE.  This syllabus was updated in 2020 and came into schools in Spring Term 2021.  As a result, the Progression of Skills and Scheme of Work are still in development - the most up to date versions are found below and will be updated until the full year for both Year Groups is completed.
The complete RE syllabus can be found at