Design and Technology

Statement of Intent – Design and Technology


At Rose Green Infant School, we ensure that every child receives an inspiring, rigorous and practical design and technology curriculum. We provide them with the opportunities to exercise their creativity and imagination through designing and making. The children are encouraged to design and make products solving real life problems in real contexts, considering their own and others needs and wants. Skills are taught progressively throughout the school to ensure all children are able to learn and practise in order to develop.

Reflection and evaluation is an integral part of our design and technology curriculum as it allows children to adapt and improve their products; this is also a key skill which they will need throughout life. We capture the children’s interests through carefully chosen topics and the encouragement of learning in a cross curricular, creative way, linking to our school values. Children will begin to learn basic food preparation and cooking skills too. They will also begin to understand the importance of a healthy and balanced diet through the different food groups.