English Statement of Intent


At Rose Green Infant School, we believe that our English curriculum should enhance and develop our children’s love of discussion, reading and writing.  Our English curriculum is rigorous, well resourced and organised in line with the aims of the National Curriculum.  It enables children to have the resilience to develop their reading so that they can read fluently and with good understanding. They can take responsibility for their own wider reading, developing their skills both reading for pleasure and to find information across the curriculum. 

Our children will acquire a wider vocabulary, a deeper understanding of phonics, grammar and a knowledge of linguistic conventions for reading writing and spoken language.

Through our literacy and cross-curricular activities, our children will learn to appreciate our rich and varied literary heritage.  They will develop their abilities to use discussion in order to learn as well as to elaborate and explain clearly their understanding and ideas. 

Our creative curriculum will enable our children to develop the art of speaking and listening, making formal presentations, participate in discussions, debates, role-play, assemblies and concerts.

The English curriculum will provide the background for our children to be motivated to write clearly, accurately and coherently.  Through well-structured, rigorous teaching, they will develop their independence at adapting their language and style in and for a range of subjects, contexts, purposes and audiences.

These aims are present in our literacy teaching and in our cross curricular ethos.  We aim to provide the children with a secure knowledge base in English, with a clear pathway set out in our Progression Map.  A programme of rigorous assessment and review will ensure that targeted support is then available to ensure that all children experience success and develop their full potential, while having the tools needed to participate fully in the wider community.

 Our schemes of work are currently being updated and will be changed on our website shortly.